State Street Townhouses Multi-Family Residences in Brooklyn, NY This urban development project consists of a row of seven, fifteen-foot wide, single-family townhouses located in do

Santa Cruz de La Palma Urban Design in Spain Honorable Mention The northern end of the city of Santa Cruz will experience a transformation with our proposed interventions. The defi

Poundbury, England Urban Design in Dorset, England High-density development in open farmland on the edge of Dorchester proves that it is possible to break the mold of characterless

Andorra Urban Design in the Pyrenees The Program requirements asked for a new 32,000 sq ft building for the Universitat d’Andorra, a new parking structure, and 79,000 sq ft of mi

Olite, Spain Urban Design Competition Honorable Mention The rejuvenation of Olite, Navarra, begins and ends with the concept of building on the strengths of this compact city. Olit

Vejer de la Frontera Urban Design Competition Honorable Mention The Windmill Quarter is a 75 square kilometer peri-urban district comprising the cultural and recreational site of P

Irish War Memorial Urban Design Competition in Dublin, Ireland The symbolism and significance of the circle in Ireland’s pre- historic and historic past was a major influence on

Jaca, Spain Urban Design Competition Honorable Mention Plaza de Santiago, Jaca A New Heart for Jaca Plaza de Santiago is a proposal for a new focal point in the historic heart of t

Guadix, Spain Urban Design Competition Our intention is to connect the old center of the city with the rest of the urban fabric. The goal of our proposal is to recover and provide

Borox, Spain Urban Design Competition Honorable Mention We saw much potential in the Avenida Piedad Colon which includes the amenities of a municipal library, a senior center, a ma

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