9 Golfview Road

Renovation in Palm Beach, FL

9 Golfview Road is a landmarked house, built-in 1925 by architect Clark Lawrence. It had undergone a series of unfortunate renovations over its almost 100 years of existence and was due for a complete make-over.

Interiors were artistically improved including interior stone cladding, new interior mezzanine balcony, cladding of elevator with 19th century painted Venetian doors and making new leaded glass window openings, new interior mouldings, all new light fixtures.

The front garden was changed from a solid brick terrace to a series of traditional tiled walkways and a new pool surrounded by a tropical garden, all designed by the architecture team. The interior courtyard was replaced with handmade brick and plantings were added that enhanced the romantic feeling of an original 1920’s vacation house, albeit updated with all new electrical, HVAC, appliances, etc to give the 7,000 sf house a new life for the next century.

The exteriors are surrounded by a new stucco wall which allowed us to install two passive floodgates, one at the pedestrian entry, and one at the garage. These were tested during Hurricane Irma, and they kept the house free of any water intrusion. The house is ready now for the vagaries of climate change.

Mediterranean Revival House


9 Golfview South Entry Elevation Hand Drawing
South Elevation Drawing
9 Golfview Before
9 Golfview // Before

We removed all traces of its previous, vaguely Monterey-style facade and returned it to a Mediterranean revival, to match its dramatic interiors. The entire facade was redesigned, including removing part of the balcony and designing a more appropriate one, changing all of the windows and doors to be steel casements and french doors.

9 Golfview Front Door
Front Door
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