Central Park West Apartment

Renovation in The Prasada, Manhattan, NY

The owner had a particular interest in the different effects that can be achieved by combining the traditional and the new – the incorporation of old-style furniture and finishes into a modern shell or, in this case, putting 20th century furniture, artwork, and fabrics into a space expressed in a traditional architectural language.

The result has a timeless modern glamour which is the achievement of a close collaboration between architects, clients, and the decorator, Alex Papachristidis. There is a deliberate play here between the feeling of a modern loft space and that of a more conventionally formal interior. The kitchen, a narrow space running down the south side of the apartment, is lined with high-quality kitchen millwork we provided. 

Central Park West Apartment


Central Park West Apartment Study
The Study
Central Park West Apartment Floor Plan
Floor Plan

The apartment’s layout contained cramped private rooms built around a central corridor, and there was little space for storage. A new floor plan by architectural firm Fairfax & Sammons widened some living areas and turned others into closets. To achieve the traditional envelope Field and Arnstein craved, they also installed ennobling details like neoclassical moldings and wainscot. – Gregory Cerio, Elle Decor

Central Park West Apartment Mantel
Central Park West Apartment Before
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