Greenwich Village Townhouse

Renovation in Greenwich Village, NY

This Greenwich Village Townhouse was a complete demolition and renovation. Every surface and every system is new. Having lived in Hong Kong for three years, the owners decided to come back to New York to completely remodel their townhouse. The house was further improved by adding a new rear yard sanctuary and landscaped roof terrace. We also did the decoration on the project, incorporating both existing furniture accumulated while the owners were living in Asia with new furnishings, window, and wall treatments, and other decorative items.

Greenwich Village Townhouse


Greenwich Village Townhouse Study Detail
Molding Detail
Greenwich Village Townhouse Garden Floor Plan
Garden Floor Plan

“Frankly, the garden was nothing before,” Meredith Jenkins said. “We wanted to make it shine and make it an extension of the house.” Fairfax, the managing partner of Fairfax & Sammons Architects, advised the Jenkins on everything from patio furniture to plants. (One choice: crawling ivy.) “The lushness … reminds me of our former residence in Hong Kong,” said Meredith Jenkins, who politely declined to reveal how much the work cost other than to joke “too much.” “It’s a wonderful escape from the city.” – Christopher Cameron, Luxury Listings NYC

Greenwich Village Townhouse Mantel Detail
Mantel and Molding Detail
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