Hatton Grange

Renovation & Additions in Charlottesville, VA

This house was a modest single pile Virginia farmhouse at the center of an extensive holding of its original 500 acres. The house had previously acquired a sizeable off-center wing to conform to modern usage large family room/kitchen, which left the center looking somewhat feeble. Rather than add another wing, we decided to double the house in the other direction and double the center part from a single room depth to two rooms deep, doubling the house’s main block instead of the entire plate. We added a new roof, new entablature, and a new north facade. The roof has a gable to a hip roof with surmounting balustrade perimeter and Chippendale railing at the top. The new block contains two bedrooms above, a living and office below, and a theater and mudroom in the basement area reached by an English basement solving the grading and drainage issues and allowing the basement to be utilized.

Hatton Grange Virginia


Hatton Grange Exterior Rear After
South Elevation // After
Hatton Grange Exterior Rear Before
South Elevation // Before
Hatton Grange Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan // After
Hatton Grange Main Floor Plan Before
Ground Floor Plan // Before
Hatton Grange North Portico Details
North Portico Details
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