Irish War Memorial

Urban Design Competition in Dublin, Ireland

The symbolism and significance of the circle in Ireland’s pre- historic and historic past was a major influence on our design process. The stone circles of Ireland are the precedent we used for the entrance plaza on Chapelizod Road. In particular we used the Drombeg site which has two taller entrance stones placed opposite a recumbent axial stone.

Our plan of the entrance plaza is circular with a number of “stones” or pylons arranged around the perimeter. In reference to the Drombeg site, we designed two larger pylon structures at the park entrance with the “recumbent” stone set into the pavement between them.

The plaza will have a marked solar observance like its ancient counter parts. Instead of the sun rising on a solstice the angle of the sun indicated on our plan will be the sunrise on November 11th.The material and dimensions for this “stone” are the same as the Stone of Remembrance in the Memorial Garden. Likewise the pylons are faced with the same rough stone as on the Memorial Garden walls. The wheeled-triskelion in the plaza center references the Irish past, but is also part of our environmental plan because the porous pebble mosaic allows for permeating the soil over a large area of the plaza. The central flagstaff is for the national flag, while the wall/screen on the western edge of the plaza has four flagpoles representing the provinces of Ireland.

Urban Design Ireland


Irish War Memorial Site Map

The multifunctional pylons have deep recessions that have static displays or interactive screens that provide information about the site or display works of art. They will also provide the location of the instruments that illuminate the plaza.

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