Italianate Villa

Renovation in Southport, CT

The original Italianate villa, “Vista del Porto,” was constructed in the 1850s atop a hill overlooking Southport Harbor on Long Island Sound. The original structure was two-stories, square in plan, and topped with a cupola. In the 1890s the cupola was removed so that a full third-story could be added. The house was further enlarged and altered in the 1910s and 1920s. Most recently, in the early 1990s, a large glazed two-story addition was added on the harbor side of the house.

Italianate Villa Southport


Italianate Style Villa First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan

We eliminated some of the more recent additions, transforming the plan and massing, to create a more coherent, functioning house. We referenced historical details from the photographs, such as a 1920’s era sleeping porch, the original chimneys and trim profiles, and the lost cupola in our new designs and alterations.

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