New Construction in Southport, CT

There is nothing ostentatious about Lillifields. It is a sensitive work for a like-minded client, built with materials and skills of the highest quality to suggest something of the distinctive local yet anonymous character of New England’s traditional provincial craftsmen. The architecture springs from a scholarly understanding of the work of Jefferson, overlaid by influences from architects such as the Virginian Milton Grigg. Like Edgemont, Lillifields is a simple understatement of a Palladian villa, with a compact six-room plan and a perfect geometric system relating to its every part. It, too, is wood-framed with simple, clear-cut lines and understated ornament. The client wanted it to function very much as a contemporary home, but to look as if it might always have been here.

Jeffersonian Style House


Lillifields Garden Section
Section Elevation, Garden Drawing

“The owner, writer Nancy Marcantonio, worked with architect Richard Sammons to come up with a home that reflects the Jeffersonian ideals of classical proportion inspired by 18th-century Italian architect Palladio. The living room, which serves as the house great room, has a 22-foot barrel-vaulted ceiling. Windows at the front of the house are made of restoration glass and antique molds.” – Robert J. Hughes, Wall Street Journal

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