Poundbury, England

Urban Design in Dorset, England

High-density development in open farmland on the edge of Dorchester proves that it is possible to break the mold of characterless suburban developments and produce a place for modern living that revives the best qualities of traditional urban townscapes.

In 1996, the Prince of Wales, who has a long-standing interest in architecture and design, donated 400 acres of land that has belonged to the Duchy of Cornwall since 1342 for a development that would meet local housing needs without creating yet another car-dominated, zoned housing estate. We were commissioned to design a new urban crescent in the heart of Poundbury, with attached townhouses facing a park.

Poundbury, England Urban Design


Poundbury Site Plan
Site Plan

Poundbury is an experimental new town or urban extension on the outskirts of Dorchester in the county of Dorset, England. It was initiated by architect Léon Krier with the keen endorsement of Charles, Prince of Wales, on whose land it is built (Duchy of Cornwall). Its design is based on traditional architecture and New Urbanist philosophy. Due for completion in 2025, it is expected to house a population of 6,000. – Wikipedia

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