Worth Avenue

Reimagining in Palm Beach, FL

We are reimagining a department store in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue as a “Modern Mizner” residential scheme. Transforming a large plate commercial building into a mixed-use residential neighborhood at 26,000 sq ft 80′ deep. There are two schemes: a residential mixed-use project where we sunk three courtyards through the middle of the building to provide light and air to the units. These connect by small “vias” pedestrian streets in the tradition of Mizner’s work on the west end of Worth Avenue. The alternative option was to reconfigure the building for office space with shops below. Both schemes transform the building significantly but with minimal impact on the existing fabric. Other highlights include small romantic courtyards, two public and one private.

Worth Avenue Renovation


Worth Avenue Public Courtyard Section
Public Courtyard Section
Worth Avenue First Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Mixed-Use Streetscape Atrium View
West Section Garage
Worth Avenue Section View West Garage
Mixed-Use Streetscape West Elevation Drawing
Spa Pool
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