Onondaga Avenue

Renovation Palm Beach, FL

This fully renovated North End residence reimagined as an Anglo-Caribbean style house sits amongst a new dense landscape that leads you to a private beach. We added a second story over much of the main house to allow for an expansive master bedroom, bath, and study with two additional bedrooms and laundry. The Chippendale railing-covered balcony and terrace complete the second floor and encourage elegant outdoor living.

Mediterranean Revival House


Onondaga Avenue Before
Onondaga // Before

There is no notion of the original house; everything is faithfully rendered, including new millwork, paneling, trim, turned porch columns, and exposed wood rafters. The guest house connects to the main house with a loggia, and another loggia flanks the living room. Everywhere you look, you are drawn to a verdant scene and traditional architectural details.

Onondaga Avenue First Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
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