Lost Tree Village New construction in Palm Beach, FL This new house sits on a corner lot at a very prominent intersection just one street away from the ocean in the lake-to-oceanfr

Crest Road New Construction in Palm Beach, FL This new 10,000 square foot two-story residence and 500 square foot pool pavilion overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway was designed i

Anglo-Caribbean Style House New Construction Palm Beach, FL This house in Anglo-Caribbean style was initially a 1950s single-story house with a pool and a detached garage situated

Onondaga Avenue Renovation Palm Beach, FL This fully renovated North End residence reimagined as an Anglo-Caribbean style house sits amongst a new dense landscape that leads you to

N Ocean Blvd New Construction in Palm Beach, FL By combining two adjacent lots at a prominent northern corner of Palm Beach’s main artery, two long-time island residents prep

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